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About Us

Our mission is simple: To build an alliance that engages the community to create conditions toward the prevention and reduction of substance abuse by youth. MVSC will bring together many voices to help us ALL make smarter choices so our youth can build healthy, safe and successful lives free of substance abuse:

-Parents, youth and families

-Nonprofits, public agencies and schools

-Law enforcement

-Direct service providers

-Policy makers

In alignment with the Substance Abuse Prevention Framework for Montgomery County, our goals are to: Change the social environment by promoting community norms to decrease the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Build the capacity of substance abuse prevention programs and services. Reduce risk factors and increase protective factors among county youth and families by providing alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use prevention, education, outreach programs and services.

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Mission & History

The alliance is funded by the Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services, and convened through the leadership and support of the Montgomery County Collaboration Council for Children, Youth and Families.

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