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About Us

Parent Education

Identifies parent/caregiver education resources (workshops, website, and brochures), develops culturally appropriate presentations or curriculum to deliver to parents and caregivers that will address: developing brain, conversation strategies, establishing age appropriate boundaries, etc. To ensure resources are publicized, the group will work together with the Communications group.

Youth Voice

Ensures that the Alliance’s work includes the perspective of adolescents and youth adults so that it will effectively change youth perception to understand that use and abuse of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs is not common, normal, or acceptable behavior. The group will reach out to specific Montgomery County locations or ethnic groups, especially to student groups in schools or colleges and other locales who are concerned about drug abuse.


Identifies relevant legislation, engages the prevention alliance, formulates a response to the legislation and follows through with distribution of the alliance’s approved position. Individual members may advocate as a Montgomery County resident and not represent the Prevention Alliance.

Communication and Website

Focused on our vision and mission, develops and implements a communication plan using tools such as the website, social media, monthly news/event updates, collateral material, etc. Also, helps design the content of the Alliance’s website such as collect and record Montgomery County prevention resources and programs (with infoMONTGOMERY), identifies national website links, develops a listing of credible individuals or agencies that could be contacted for classroom or community presentations to enhance the academic curriculum and increase community awareness.

Action groups will meet on location or conduct exchanges via email. Initiative updates will be shared at the monthly alliance prevention meeting.

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