Here's how some of our youth and teens are having their voice heard, and taking a stand against alcohol, tobacco and other drug abuse. What will you do?

Keeping It Safe 2014 Student Video Contest

Keeping It Safe is a student video contest sponsored by the Under Twenty-one Alcohol Prevention Coalition of Montgomery County. Middle and high school teams were invited to create a 30 second public service announcement on the risks and dangers of under 21 alcohol use.

High School First Place - Richard Montgomery High School
Sponsors: Eric Rodney and Dustin Flake
Student Team: Joe Bozzonetti, Bec Griffin, Sara Hunt, Vanessa Martinez Penn, Frank Most, Dania Valencia and Ian Westpfahl
Topic: What can teens do instead of drinking?

Middle School First Place - Roberto Clemente Middle School
Sponsor: Lisa Wroblewski
Student Team: Brenda Aleman, Alex Jin, Isha Yardi and Megan Kershaert
Topic: What can teens do instead of drinking?

2012 First Place Middle School

2011 First Place High School

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Magruder High School 21 Reasons