• By Theresa Martinez MADD victim, advocate and volunteer   I don’t forgive the driver who killed my beautiful, talented and loving 23-year-old daughter. Maybe I should — some do — but I cannot. In 15 years, he will go before the parole board – and, you better believe that I plan to be there. The...

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  •   So far this month, donors have really stepped up to fight against drunk and drugged driving. Thanks to a match by Nationwide®, the gifts are doing TWICE the good. That means spreading TWICE the hope, healing and help. Thank you so very much for your generous donation to Mothers Against Drunk Driving®. I cannot...

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  •   By Theresa Martinez Ashley’s mother MADD drunk driving victim, advocate and volunteer Some days you never, ever forget. For me, one of those days is the one when my Ashley was born…all five pounds of her… three weeks early … and practically on my bathroom floor. But it’s another day that has caused me...

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  •   By Theresa Martinez Ashley’s mother MADD drunk driving victim, advocate and volunteer Some days you never, ever forget. For me, one of those days is the one when my Ashley was born…all five pounds of her… three weeks early … and practically on my bathroom floor. But it’s another day that has caused me...

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  • This is a very difficult blog to write. There are simply no words that are fitting when MADD loses a member of its family. In December, we experienced such a loss. As I had shared with many, my term officially ends Dec. 31st. Therefore, we had gone through the difficult but vital task of selecting...

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  • RE-ISSUE OPEN SOLICITATION #2016-52: Identifying Trainers/Facilitators for the Youth Development Community of Practice
    Re-Issue Date: Monday December 4, 2017
    Closing Date: Wednesday December 20, 2017 4:00 PM

    Youth Development Community of Practice
    The Community of Practice (CoP) of the Collaboration Council coordinates the training and education/academic programs for youth development practitioners working in youth-serving fields such as workforce development, mentoring, recreation, and juvenile justice, with a focus on disconnected youth ages 16-24.

    The Collaboration Council seeks letters of interest/proposals from organizations and qualified individuals to conduct workshops identified from meetings and surveys of youth development practitioners in Montgomery County. This solicitation seeks to identify qualified trainers to deliver workshops with content that build/strengthen the core competencies of youth development practitioners and deepen the learning experience with facilitation guided by adult learning principles. A few solicited topics for reissue include:
    Motivational Interviewing, Creating Gender Specific Programming for Girls of Color, Adolescents and Social Media in Youth Programs, and more. Click on Title Link for complete details and how to submit your Letter of Interest.

  • The 2017 Walk Like MADD season was one of our best years yet. We saw new walks form and more volunteers get involved to raise awareness and mission critical funds. Walk events across the country were filled with moments of remembrance and inspiration as they walked together to turn their pain into purpose. We are...

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  • Together, we raised $29,000 for Giving Tuesday, activating a MATCH from a lead donor and hitting nearly $90,000 total for November! That means you gave more than a cash or check donation. You provided supportive services to victims and survivors of drunk and drugged driving at no charge. You pushed legislators to pass ignition interlock...

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  • Seven boys and one girl. Nearly 15 grandchildren. Virginia David, a member of the Navajo tribe, made family her life. “The more kids you have, the more blessed you are in our culture,” said her sister, Priscilla Gibbs, who grew up with Virginia and their siblings on a Navajo Reservation. “So, she was very blessed....

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  • Dear MADD Family, It is with a heavy heart that we share that a member of our MADD family has passed away. Nina Walker, incoming MADD National President for the 2018-2020 term, died on Sunday, December 03, 2017. To say that we are shocked and heartbroken would be an understatement. Nina joined MADD as a...

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  • Today, like every single day of the year, roughly 29 people will die from drunk driving in this country. Others will be injured. Some will become caregivers to survivors, while others still will simply be introduced to the loss and devastation that drunk and drugged driving inflicts when it kills or injuries a loved one.But...

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  • Seven boys and one girl. Nearly 15 grandchildren. Virginia David, a member of the Navajo tribe, made family her life. “The more kids you have, the more blessed you are in our culture,” said her sister, Priscilla Gibbs, who grew up with Virginia and their siblings on a Navajo Reservation. “So, she was very blessed....

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  • I and everyone involved in Mothers Against Drunk Driving® have so much to be grateful for this holiday season. This year, thanks to supporters like you, we’ve accomplished so much, including: Passing ignition interlock laws for all offenders in Nevada and Oklahoma Proving a free victim service to victims every three minutes Honored more than...

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  • The turkey is brining. The bread is baking. And, across the country, families are gathering to celebrate a time of gratitude and togetherness. But the next few hours may spread more devastation than you realize. It’s Blackout Wednesday, a day known for an increase in alcohol sales and a spike in people heading out to...

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  •   The holidays are a time of family. Recently, most of us gathered around a table laden with turkey and other delicious treats. Next, family and friends will begin to scurry around to find THE perfect gift for a loved one, searching either the Internet or the mall. Sadly, tragically, this also is a time...

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  • Peer Connector Outreach Pilot: Open Solicitation #2017-58
    Issue Date: November 20, 2017
    Closing Date: Monday, December 11, 2017, 4:00 p.m.
    On any given day in Montgomery County, thousands of disconnected youth (ages 16-24 who are neither in school or working) can be found in need of opportunity and reconnection to education or employment. In many cases, these youth aren’t easily identifiable and therefore aren’t steered toward reengagement activities that could improve their long-term outcomes. This solicitation seeks to identify and select a qualified community-based organization with strong ties to the East County community (Briggs Chaney, White Oak, and Burtonsville) and its surrounding neighborhoods. Qualified applicants will be organizations either willing to hire or currently having on staff at least two individuals who have lived experience having been disconnected in Montgomery County that can serve as “peer outreach connectors”. For complete details and how to submit you letter of interest click on title link.

  • Music can be a powerful ally in the fight against drunk driving Before he was the guitarist for country music artist Kaitlyn Baker, Thomas Estep dreamed of joining the Army. Growing up, that hope was closest to his heart. Due to health complications, however, his application to the Army was denied and he saw his...

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  • Statement: “MADD always expects drunk driving offenders to be held fully accountable. We hope alleged offenders like Busby will be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law in the future. Consequences = the incentive to make the right choice.” The Case: In Tennessee this week, police arrested an alleged drunk driver for a...

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  • Statement: MADD supports the 21 minimum legal drinking age and opposes any attempts to change it. Countless studies have shown we would lose more people — many more each year on our roads as a result of lowering the drinking age from 21. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that more than 500 additional...

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  • Saying goodbye As a grassroots organization started on a kitchen table in one grieving mother’s home, our people are our most valuable champions and resources. These unflagging advocates make each milestone possible. So it is with great sadness that we say goodbye to two Mothers Against Drunk Driving® pioneers. Their efforts have saved lives and...

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  • Sigh. Once again: no numbers, no legit science, and a quote from a politician who knows nothing about vaping. You also forgot to mention that vaping does not meet the criteria for addiction, does not lead to smoking, is 95 to 99% safer than smoking, and is an evidence-based tool for smoking cessation.

  • Hi Paul,
    Thank you for your post and not only being a concerned parent, but one who was willing to take action. It takes courage to do what you did.

    It's interesting in that there was a fairly recent Marist poll that talked about why parents don't say anything about pot smoking -- they don't have the parenting skills and are unsure what to say, they are afraid to disclose their own past use, or they are fearful if they say anything, it will be perceived as condoning use. In your case, it sounds like the parents didn't know what to do, but they'll learn because of your intervention.

    I hope your daughter is okay and that she understands why you did what you did -- if not now, someday she'll appreciate it.

    All the best,

  • Great suggestions Dominique. Thanks!

  • My 16 year old daughter was picked up from her friends' place yesterday and she was high. I spoke to the parents and they claimed not to know because "it's a big house" but went on to say that I shouldn't be making such a big deal about it....kids use pot, I (the other parent) did and I'm sure you (referring to me) did".

    I told him that what I or he did or didn't do is irrelevant and that it's your job as a parent to make sure that your kids, and mine if they're in your home, are not doing drugs or anything else illegal.

    At this point, the 16 year old friend of my daughter wanders into the room, carrying a bong and yelling at me telling me that I have no right to tell her parents how to parent.

    Long story short, I reported this to the police. They went and spoke to the family, confiscated the bong and now the girl is threatening my daughter with physical violence and says she may be pulled out of her home and if she is, it's my daughter's fault.

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  • I have a 13 year old,he lives with his mother he started smoking marijuana and she can't do anything with him he is out of control and violent so she is sending him to me next week I want him to get help soon as I get him in my care.
    I have to find a way to straighten him out before I lose my son to death or prison
    I'm worried about him.
    My number is (228)243-0317 (cell)
    Please contact me
    Thank you...

  • What if the pain never ends? I am such a person and cannot find any help at all for my constant pain. It is debilitating at times and has serious implications on my personal quality of life not to mention that of my children. Because I am in such dire pain I cannot do many of the things other dads are able to do.

  • Puede ser muy frustrante como padre tratar de conversar con sus hijos y sentir que no hay resultados! Cada vez que usted habla con ellos es una nueva oportunidad para expresar que usted los ama y desea entenderlos. Como padre usted desea lo mejor para sus hijos y ellos pasaran por un proceso. Usted puede tener conversaciones breves con ellos expresando su deseo de entender sus razones por usar marijuana. Puede hacer preguntas habiertaas para aprender mas y conversar con nosotros llame a nuestra línea de ayuda 855-378-4373 la esperamos y la llamada es gratuita! Para mientras aquí tiene unos materiales que puede leer

    <a href="file:///C:/Users/juliek.PDFK/Downloads/Kit-de-Conversacion-sobre-la-marihuana-Spanish-Espanol%20(3).pdf" rel="nofollow">Kit de Conversacion Sobre la Marihuana</a>
    <a href="file:///C:/Users/juliek.PDFK/Downloads/Intervencion-eLibro-Spanish-Espanol%20(1).pdf" rel="nofollow">Libro Electronico Sobre la Intervencion</a>

  • I've been wanting to help my brother-in-law finding some addiction services, and I think that being able to do some research would be good. I'm glad that you talked about wanting to find the best treatment available, which I think is the same boat that I'm in. I think that if we could find him some good addiction services, we'd be able to help him overcome this vice in his life, and get back on track! Thank you!

  • Doctors need to be held accountable for being so eager to prescribe medications. Doctors are merely drug dealers with degrees.

  • Hi Sandra,
    I can only imagine how upset and frustrated you are with a system that provides so little help despite the actions you've taken to help your son. I'm wondering if there is anyone else in your son's life that he might talk with to sort out what to do such as clergy, any mentor from when he was younger, another relative, etc. You may find some help at a support group like Families Anonymous or Nar-anon where other parents with similar circumstances can suggest local resources. If you google these names, you will find meeting locators by zip code.

    You mentioned domestic violence and his aggression with you. It may help to speak with the national domestic violence organization to get support and help. Their number is 800-799-7233. They offer counseling for family members that can influence loved ones.

    You are always welcome to <a href="https://drugfree.org/article/get-one-on-one-help/#gethelp1">call our helpline at 1-855-DRUGFREE</a> or <a href="https://drugfree.org/article/get-one-on-one-help/#gethelp2">talk to a CHAT specialist</a> so that we can understand your situation in more detail and offer more specific guidance.

    Wishing you and your son well,

  • My son is 24 years and is homeless. He is doing all kinds of drugs. He hangs out with a an older woman that also does them. He has been in and out of jail since he has been doing drugs. He has been arrested from domestic violence to stealing. Of course she will be with him but he always takes the blame for all of it. I don't blame nobody but my son. I have tried to help him but he put his hands on me and his sister because of that young woman. But he was high when he did that. I don't know what else to do. I have been to my local tri- county mental health and the probate judge and they took my son to jail instead of getting him help. He is going to either end up killing himself or someone else. Please tell me what else I can do to help my son please!!!
    Desperate Mother

  • MADD National President Colleen Sheehey-Church invites you to Raise Against Time I took to Facebook Live to talk with Mothers Against Drunk Driving®’s supporters and fellow victims and survivors about why it’s important to me to Raise Against Time. Every 50 minutes, drunk driving kills another person. With each click of the clock, we are...

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  • I am looking to start a parent task force in my community......our schools are not doing enough about this and it is a real problem.

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  • SAMHSA funds service grants all over the country. Go to their funding page. You can search by initiative or state. These programs are funded through a competitive process so the quality is typically good. The programs get service dollars so the entire treatment can be free of charge. Call the program directors of these programs. Their name is listed. They are the movers and shakers in their community and will know where else to go if they can't help you.

    Call psychology departments at area universities. They often have grad students providing psychotherapy. The professors can also be helpful in identifying no-cost programs in their area.

  • By LaKeitha Stephens, Jade’s mom   Jade Gabrielle Stephens was a bubbly, outgoing, cheerful little girl who always had something witty to say. Her laugh was infectious, and she had a way of making everyone that she met feel specially loved. To know Jade was to know true joy and happiness. You couldn’t help but...

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  • I am so hopeful that this has happened in your country. I hope this happens in all of the world because families are suffering with no access to informed and educated support.

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  • Drunk driving victim, long time MADD volunteer and WLKY Bell Award recipient Theresa Martinez shares her story of tragedy, pain and purpose.

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  • Daily, stories stream through our social feeds, make the local news and take front page in newspapers. Underage drinking claims 4,300 teen lives every year, more than all other drugs combined. Beyond loss of life there are numerous other negative long and short term effects of underage drinking as well. That’s why, during the month...

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  • On Saturday, September 16th, more than 150 youth and parents came together at Orange Coast College for MADD Southern California’s first Annual Teen Influencer Summit. What is the Teen Influencer Summit? With the support of Hyundai, students across five counties joined their peers to engage in discussions on topics ranging from marijuana in the media to...

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  • It’s finally ready! We’re so proud of the 2018 Destinations Calendar! Not only does it contain beautiful photography, but it also delivers a lifesaving message. Please be sure to request yours today. This year, we received stunning image after beautiful picture honoring the times when people arrived at their destination safely, while also honoring the thousands...

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  • Category 4 Hurricane Harvey hit the Houston area August 25, 2017 and dissipated on September 3, 2017. The area had a total rainfall of 64 ½ inches. Hurricane Harvey was an extremely destructive Atlantic hurricane, which became the first major hurricane to make landfall in the United States since Wilma in 2005. In a four-day...

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  • Statement: MADD is devastated that a helpless six-year-old was trapped underwater for at least half an hour because his mother allegedly drove drunk. We expect the courts to hold the alleged offender fully accountable for this despicable crime. This is why MADD demands Illinois laws be amended to consider child endangerment a felony and to...

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